We’ve refined Weave—our process of brand development—over a decade in business and a diverse roster of clients that we’ve helped. There are 5 components that we have come to feel are essential to any project, small or large:

phase 1: Listen

Listening is an art. And in our fast-paced world it’s becoming a lost one. Step one for us is always to carefully and thoroughly listen to our clients until we really understand their business. Taking the time and not cutting corners on our up-front research is the critical first step to helping our clients succeed.

  • Internal marketing/communication audits
  • Content audits
  • Audience research
  • Competition research

phase 2: Dream

Too often in our industry, research goes right into planning and then right into execution. We think dreaming is underrated. If we give ourselves permission to take a step back and think big about your brand, valuable new ideas have space to take root. Working together, we can allow imagination and inspiration to take us new places, and out of our box.

  • Marketing, creative and media idea generation
  • Outside perspective
  • Fresh thinking

phase 3: Plan

Our dreaming, brainstorming and creativity eventually needs a little corralling, and bringing to terra-firma. What are we actually going to do and how are we going to do it? We help marketers and business owners with an objective, outside perspective to help develop a strategic marketing plan that’s smart, efficient, and good business.


  • Marketing / communications plan development
  • Creative strategy development
  • Media planning

phase 4: Make

When it’s time to execute our plan, we bring a wealth of personal experience, talented people, and great-to-work with, can-do folks to the table. We offer our clients a full range of creative and media services, including design, copywriting, digital, video, print media and traditional advertising.


  • Creative development and execution
  • Digital/web/interactive solutions
  • Writing for content/SEO/traditional media
  • Video/TV/photo production
  • Traditional print media and advertising
  • Print collateral and annual reports

phase 5: Care

The last step in our process is about sticking with our clients, seeing how our solutions are performing and building a relationship as a trusted partner for the long-haul. Our biggest question is did we generate ROI? We work with our clients to set up project-appropriate analytics — it’s just our way of saying ‘we care’.

  • Web/digital analytics
  • Follow-up survey/testing/analysis